Here are some examples of work that I’ve done in the past:

Gutter Cleaning

Weather-strip Replacement

Smoke/Fire/CO Alarm Installation

Door Knob Replacement

Cabinetry Repair

Bifold Door Repair/Replacement

Sink/Faucet Replacement

Furniture Assembly

Interior Door Replacement

Cabinetry Repair

Extensive Deck Modification

Deck Repair and Staining

Extensive Drywall Repair and Bathroom Renovation Prep

Minor Electrical Troubleshooting

Attic Access Repair

Front Door Painting

Exterior Shutter Painting

Swing Set Removal

Kitchen Tiling

Cabinetry Repair

Insulating and Drywalling Garage Space

Drywall Repair

Spray Painting Shutters

Fiberglass Shower Refinishing

Custom Furniture

Cinder Block Construction

Exterior Window/Door Trim Replacement

Interior Baseboard and Casing (Trim) Replacement

Garage Door Jam/Trim Replacement

Decking Demolition & Replacement

Interior Painting

Old trim match & replace

Bathroom vanity replacement

Water supply shut-off valve installation

Deck and eave powerwashing

Furniture moving

Light fixture / ceiling fan replacement

Shelving installation

Built-in microwave replacement

Floor tiling

Hickory hardwood flooring installation

Bamboo hardwood flooring, laminate flooring, and stair tread/riser installation

LED underlighting system design and installation

Garage door painting

Base trim installation

A coffee table

The Sun Prairie Home Construction house project (I was part of the Home Construction Crew)

A propane-fueled fire table

A dining table set

A coffee table to match the dining table